Maurice DuPont has been a racer since his early years out at Sears Point Raceway in Northern California, getting his start on dirt bikes - first within the 125cc class and then progressing to the 250cc class. After tackling even bigger bikes at the 550cc level (road racer side), he decided to take his passion to the next level.

In late 1980, Maurice took the offer to ride for the drag bike race team TNT World Fastest Ninja's, of Freemont CA, eventually taking over the honors as the team's top racer.

With speed in his blood, Maurice stepped up again, raising the funds to become a professional stock motorcycle drag racer. After conquering the pro stock motorcycle arena, it was time to move up again. It was time for four wheels.

In the early 1990s, Maurice connected with MC Hammer, Evander Holyfield, Dion Sanders, Mike Tyson, and other professional entertainers and athletes to put the first African American onto the NHRA circuit. Maurice DuPont Racing (MDR) was born.

After a successful career in the NHRA during the 1990s, Maurice DuPont Racing is making a comeback. This time for a very good cause. With the help of key sponsors, MDR's goal is to extend the legacy beyond the track through the Get Out The Vote 2012 campaign.

Now in 2011 Maurice teamed up with the tlkfoundation to return my team to the NHRA Drag racing Pro tour with a new goal to build a legacy.

Please Help Make a Difference

Every dollar counts in helping us reach our goal for 2012!




Feb 9-12 | O'Reilly Auto Parts | Pomona
Feb 17-19 | NHRA Arizona Nat. | Phoenix
Mar 8-11 | Tire Kingdoom | Gainesville
Mar 30-Ap 1 | Summit Racing | Las Vegas
April 13-15 | VisitMyrtleBeach.com | Charlotte
May 4-6 | Summit Racing | Commerce
May 18-20 | NHRA Summer Nat. | Topeka
May 31- Jun 3 | NHRA SupNationals | Englishtown
Jun 15-17 | Ford NHRA | Bristol